& we design growth hacking strategies that take social and sustainable enterprises to the next level.

Long-lasting growth is no quick “fix”

Here at Growth Creatives, we help social and sustainable enterprises ask and answer the right questions for achieving long-term growth results. What does growth mean for the organisation? Who is your target audience? How are leads transformed into loyal customers? What do customers value most about the products and services offered?

We get to work by

1. Positioning the organisation for an optimum product/market fit
2. Optimising conversion throughout the funnel via rapid experimentation
3. Tracking and analysing results for iteration and scalability
4. Automating sales and marketing efforts



Connecting a growth-creative mindset to a sustainable agenda.

Growth Creatives’ drive for success is simple: we want there to still be snow in 20 years. This means we need to create a sustainable and socially-conscious society. That is why we focus on organisations that, according to us, truly contribute to making that happen. We believe growth moves beyond sales. It is entangled in metrics that, for example, help a starving kid in Bangladesh or help prevent a penguin colony in Antarctica from going extinct.
By empowering the right organisations with suitable growth tools, we contribute to making that happen.

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Our services



We offer consulting sessions that detect growth gaps to be filled and corresponding actions to be taken.


Growth Audit + Strategy

We provide comprehensive audits on current activities that lead to an implementable growth strategy.


Growth Execution

We execute growth strategies, together with a team of experts, that includes experimentation and continued research.



We train and guide personnel onsite to become data-driven growth marketers.

What is growth for you?

We design long-lasting growth strategies that take sustainable organisations to the next level. Ask us how we could take you there!

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A nice blend of skills

Our team enjoys flourishing in what we’re good at.


Reena Tops, Co-Founder and Growth Hacker

Reena has used her background in business strategy, digital marketing and entrepreneurship to accelerate startups and organisations located in various parts of the world. Her experience working on integration, gender equality and developing countries’ decent work and economic growth motivated her to co-found an agency that provides tools for organisations that push this agenda.


Olívia d'Orsi Junqueira, Co-Founder and Growth Hacker

Olívia is a Brazilian Impact Weaver, using her background in International Relations, & growth hacking to grow social businesses. Having found social entrepreneurship to be the best option to solve the deep issues of social inclusion, access to education and to opportunity that keep her awake at night, she went ahead and equipped herself with the best available knowledge, tools and training in growth hacking and data analysis to be able to provide them to key social startups with the best solutions. A proud alumna of the Growth Tribe Academy, her mission is empowering others to co-create our world.